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Arizona Kayaking, Christopher Creek

With winter in full effect in the San Juan’s I’d began plotting an escape for Arizona early on. My obsession with kayaking is a little over the top so I knew finding somebody to lay down the skis for a March paddling trip would be tricky. Luckily¬† for me, Chason Russell was needing to nurse a hurt knee and figured a quick kayak trip was just what the doctor ordered. We were hopping for a warm up run, though when we arrived in Payson, Christopher Creek was the only thing that had any flow. Ahh s*#t,, so much for the warm up.

Sweet baby Jesus creek. Pure bedrock goodness

Dropping into the gorge

first boof of the season

Harlen Taney was kind enough to come down and give us the local beta. Here Harlan gets his boof on at Roy's.

Maria Kallman enjoying the sunshine

Micheal Barton firing off a perfect 15'

Dropping into the void of the Big Lebowski. Check the brown spec near the top of the drop.

Thanks Chason for the photos and good times. Click here to check out some more photos and adventures from Chason Russell

Matt Wilson